Blast Off | Space shuttle Atlantis is seen as it lifts off from NASA Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A at 11:29 a.m. EDT. The launch of Atlantis on the STS-135 mission, is the final flight of the Shuttle Program. (Photo: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

The Xbox 360 Is More Powerful than the Space Shuttle's Flight Computer and Other Facts

Space Shuttle Atlantis is fueled, packed with astronauts, supplies and experiments, and waiting to roar its way into space as part of STS-135, the space shuttle program's final mission.
We've checked out a shuttle cockpit, now how about some fun facts?
The Huntsville Times put together this fun... More »

From Wii Beginnings Comes an Outstanding iPhone Real-Time Strategy Game

Originally intended to be released as a flash game, Ronimo Games' 2D side scrolling joint Swords & Soldiers wound up hitting Nintendo's WiiWare service in 2009 as what many consider one of the best real-time strategy console games of all time. More »

The Origin PC EON17-S Laptop Births a New Respect for 3D Gaming

The first full day I spent actually playing games on the Origin PC EON17-S gaming laptop was a day filled with the wonders of 3D PC gaming, NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses only leaving my face during brief trips to see my newborn sons at the other end of the hospital. More »

How Planetside 2 Will Blow the Roof Off the Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter Genre

When it comes to blowing the roof off a video game genre, one couldn't aim for a more low-hanging, flimsily constructed covering than that of the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter market. More »

Study: Bulk of iPhone Game Earnings Come From "Free" Titles

Nearly two-thirds of all revenue generated from the top 100 games in the Apple App store in June came from people spending cash inside "free" games, according to a recent study.
That means that according to the study by mobile analytics company Flurry, just 35 percent of revenue was brought in by... More »

Missed an Episode of Retro Game Master? Don't Worry We Have You Covered

Retro Game Master has a new home in North America, streamed live on Kotaku every week at 8 p.m. eastern.
But what if you miss it?
Don't worry, we've got your back. More »

Flipping, Shifting, Zombies and Non-Euclidean Geometry Make Up the Best of PAX Indie Offerings

Each year a panel of game industry experts grant free floor space at Penny Arcade Expo to ten indie games they deem worth of the attention.
This year the panel picked through 100 titles to settle on these ten, the PAX 10. More »

Gaming's Favorite Camera Angle

Misinformed people used to complain about the preponderance of video game sequels. They saw video game titles that ended with a number as markers of creative drought. More »

Video Games Improve Marijuana Performance 43%

There aren't many things that marijuana users say weed can't make better. Take this guy I used to know. His name was Mike. Every once in a while we'd hang out with a few other guys and play ridiculous amounts of Halo 2. More »

The 3DS Game I Didn't Know I Wanted: Pac-Man, Plain Old Pac-Man

I think I was supposed to get excited about playing Pac-Man Championship Edition and a new 3D first-person version of Galaga when I played the anthology game Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS at a Namco press event earlier this week.
I do appreciate the greatness of Pac-Man CE on any... More »

This Week in the Business

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...
QUOTE | "Unquestionable." - id programming genius John Carmack states that "within a very short time" mobile devices should eclipse the current consoles.
QUOTE | "They'll talk sh*t but they'll buy it." - Gears of War creator Cliff... More »

Others will fly into space, will orbit the Earth, will do great things outside of our atmosphere, but they won't do so with a Space Shuttle. Not ever again. –Brian Crecente

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