King of Fighters - i | The King of Fighters - i hit the iPhone and iPad today. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

Spirit for iPhone & Android Looks Like Geometry Wars, But Plays More Peacefully

Marco Mazzoli's Spirit, a frenetic arcade style app for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, may remind you visually of the addictive 2D shooter Geometry Wars at first glance, thanks to its neon fireworks and simple graphics.
It's not a clone, but something akin to a touchscreen adaptation,... More »

10 Tips for Achieving CivWorld Greatness, From the People Behind the Game

The people who make Civilization have given the world CivWorld, a free Facebook version of their legendary strategy series. The game is complex and kind of tough!
Today, the makers of CivWorld are giving us tips. More »

The Breath of God in the Service of Man

I've played as army men, bounty hunters, spies and killers. I've built towering office buildings as a city planner. Raised beasts as a super being. Strategized as a world-conquering general. More »

Dark Souls Invents Another Way to Grief Gamers

In Demon's Souls players were able to invade each others game as a Black Phantom, to hunt down the other player and try to kill them. In spiritual sequel Dark Souls, the developers have a more ingenious way to harass others.
The Pyromancer has the ability to summon a Gravelord, setting it free... More »

Section 8 Gamers Have Fallen 328,924,042,920 Meters (And Other Crazy Game Stats)

In 11 weeks, players of the PC and Xbox Live Arcade shooter Section 8: Prejudice have air-dropped their super-soldiers and machine-gunned their friends, many, many times. More »

These Angry Birds Cakes Look Disgusting, Taste Amazing

Mouldering green pig heads aren't typically appetizing, but these Angry Birds cakes don't look half bad.
Submitted for the 2011 Threadcakes competition, this depiction of birds perched on a dead pigs head like crows pecking at roadkill is both disturbing and delightfully colorful.
Threadcakes is a... More »

What's America's Fetish This Week? Guns

In approximately 90 days, walk into any bar in the State of Ohio. If there aren't any signs stating otherwise, feel free to carry your concealed weapon in that watering hole. More »

Privacy is a Game for Zynga

Zynga's bajillion dollar bid to go public came with oodles of fun insight into the company, thanks to that filing with the securities and exchange commission. More »

The Next Burnout Game is Part Pinball, Part Game Show, Part WTF?

Remember that bizarre, leaked Burnout game that added lobster monsters and UFOs to the crashtastic street racing formula? Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games just made it official, unveiling Burnout CRASH! for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.
The official announcement says that... More »

The Secret World's Seedy Underbelly Doesn't Care if You're Peeing

In the latest trailer for Funcom's The Secret World, a wannabe John Constantine discovers that the dark and gloomy things lurking just outside of the corner of your eye aren't too worried about invading your personal space. More »

Risk Factions Invading Facebook with Donkey Cannons and Mermaids on Segways

Risk Factions, EA's mutation of the classic board game of world domination, is coming to Facebook, bringing the war between humans, zombies, cats, yetis and robots to your social circle. More »

The First Major Dragon Age II Expansion Seems Like an Apology

What was wrong with Dragon Age II, Dragon Age fans? Too many recycled environments? Not enough tactical variety?
It seems that BioWare has heard you.
At a summer showcase for EA games in California, one of Dragon Age's producers, Fernando Melo, said that Dragon Age II: More »

I haven't had a chance to spend much time with The King of Fighters-i, the iOS version of the SNK fighter, but I'm hoping to play through it. This is one of the few fighting franchises that I've sort of ignored. –Brian Crecente

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