Nice To Meet Cha | OSAKA, JAPAN: Even Shinya Arino's business card, which I got a few years back, says "Kacho". (Photo: Brian Ashcraft)

The Zelda Game of My Dreams Reddit user thepixelartist, who is a "professional 3D artist" by trade, has taken the raw game files included with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and turned them into something so glorious I'm getting dizzy just looking at them.

The Baggy Pants and Silly Hats of the Fable Universe Mike McCarthy, of Lionhead Studios, has for many a year now been working on the Fable series, bringing us some of the weirdest and most wonderful characters going around.

Don't Believe the Lines. Don't Believe the Hype. Whenever a new console launches in Japan, people line up. And whenever there are lines, there's often press there taking photos. During the last several hardware launches, I was there, doing just that.

In Memory of the Original Castle Wolfenstein (the one That Wasn't In 3D) It's a slightly sad quirk of video game history that id Software's Wolfenstein 3D is lauded as a masterpiece of gaming while the title it was heavily inspired by - name and all - is afforded no such honour.

Episode 2: Super Fantasy Zone In this second episode of Retro Game Master, our hero, Shinya Arino, faces off against Sega Mega Drive classic Super Fantasy Zone.

His card also says "Yoiko" (よゐこ), which is his comedy duo. The other member is Masaru Hamaguchi, who is also incredibly funny. I guess I collect business cards! I have a bunch, some neat ones, too, like Shigeru Miyamoto's. –Brian Ashcraft

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