Smokin' | OCTOBER 1932: Actor Harold Huth smokes pipe. (Photo: Sasha/Hulton Archive | Getty)

The PlayStation Controller You Never Got to Use Yesterday, we looked at the PlayStation controllers that Sony has released (or in the Boomerang's case seriously intended to release) to the public. Today, we're looking at one that never made it.

Would Bayonetta Have Been Sexier If She Was More "Western"? As far as video game characters go, Bayonetta was built with one thing in mind. The suit, the heels, the British accent, even the glasses, all there for sex appeal. But would she have been sexier if she was less "Japanese"?

From Costa Rica with Dr. Strangelove It's not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayers. And it's also not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayer dressed as a character from a game set in...Costa Rica!

Let's Be Sensitive About Height, M'kay? When Sega held an event for Yakuza 4, it assembled the game's producer Toshihiro Nagoshi and the title's assorted cast. One of the game's biggest stars, former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi, was one of the smallest.

LA Noire's Studio Under Investigation Over Alleged Shonky Work Practices Brendan McNamara, boss of LA Noire developers Team Bondi, thinks it's totally reasonable for his staff to be "killing themselves" with long hours because that's what this business is about. The International Game Developers Association begs to differ.

Smoking might be bad (it is!), but pipes are cool, and pipe tobacco smells nice. Shame about cancer. –Brian Ashcraft

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