Puyo! | TOKYO, JAPAN: Japanese idol group Idoling! celebrates the DS release of Puyo Puyo. It's the game's 20th anniversary. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

The inFamous Video Game Art of Wesley Burt Wesley Burt is a professional concept artist who works for Massive Black, one of the world's biggest and most successful concept art studios.

These Ladies Know the Sweet Smell of Success Every story's gotta start somewhere. This one starts in Hiroshima, with three girls who had the same kanji character in their names, 香. The character means "fragrance", and the group was Perfume.

Own a Little Piece of Indiana Jones: the Fate of Atlantis Lucasarts (and Indy) fans, hold onto your fedoras: this arts & craft session is going to blow your mind.

A Slew of Assassins, From Sexy to Cybernetic, Re-imagined for Assassin's Creed: The Encyclopedia Ubisoft will release Assassin's Creed: The Encyclopedia as part of the Assassin's Creed: Revelations "Animus Edition," a super fancy, not very cheap limited edition for European gamers. That encyclopedia features some of the following artwork, assassin's from all walks of life and stages of history.

The Evolution of the PlayStation Control Pad It's perhaps the most iconic design in the world of game controllers, and definitely the longest-serving. Today in Total Recall, we look back at over 15 years of PlayStation control pads.

It's incredibly hot here in Japan. It's so so so so hot. –Brian Ashcraft

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