Jockey | Tokyo, Japan: Sega shows off arcade games at its private summer show. (Photo: Keystone Features | Hulton Archive)

The Brutal, Beautiful Video Game Art of Bjorn HurriBjorn Hurri is an artist who has been working on video games for years now, having lent his skills in some way or another to projects like Dead Space 2, Viking: Battle for Asgard and the last three entries in the Total War series.

The Bomb Threat Sent from a PlayStation 3 On July 22nd, at around 3am in the morning, a mysterious message appeared on Japanese bulletin board 2channel. It read: "Tomorrow, I will blow up Hiroshima Station."

The Avenger Looks Nuts, But Puts Console Gaming at Your Fingertips I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for crazy-looking peripherals. The crazier, the better. The Avenger checks off all the peripheral lunacy boxes.

The Horror of Nintendo's White Knuckle Scorin In 1991, before the company realised it was a good idea to pay closer attention to the shit it was licensing its name and characters for, Nintendo gave its blessing for the release of a CD called White Knuckle Scorin.

Lawsuit Says Sony Laid Off Security Workers Before PSN Cyberattack A new lawsuit alleges that Sony fired workers in its network security operations two weeks before a cyberattack brought down the PlayStation Network.

It's so effing hot here in Japan. Like brutally, brutally hot. It's awful. Summer, I hate you!! –Brian Ashcraft

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