I'm With Leather | TOKYO, JAPAN: Game designers Goichi Suda and Akira Yamaoka step out. (Photo: Lockerz)

Duke Nukem Forever : The Kotaku Review Duke Nukem Forever begins in a casino bearing the Duke's name. While slowly making your way through this marble-clad tribute to a hero of decades past (I hesitate to use the word "fighting"), you'll pause to sign autographs. You'll get a blowjob. You'll control a remote control car. Twice. You'll complete a "puzzle", you'll do some platforming, you'll talk to some people and you'll even shoot some pigs.

Report: Skype Coming to PS Vita Skype is available on the PlayStation Portable, but with Microsoft's Skype acquisition, the future of Skype seemed to be up in the air. Skype on the PS Vita was apparently revealed at a recent PS Vita event in Brazil.

Isn't This a Bizarre, Untimely Choice, Nintendo? Nintendo's 3D television service "Itsu no Ma ni Terebi" went live today in Japan. The service is light on actual 3D programs, and it might disappoint some. Others, it will make uncomfortable, but not for the reason you'd think.

Among Rumored Blacklists, Studio Ghibli Makes Its Voice Heard Protests don't get any more polite than this. Late last week, a banner appeared on a Studio Ghibli building outside Tokyo's city center. The banner read: "Studio Ghibli wants to make movies with electricity that's not from nuclear power plants."

Before They Were Famous: id Software Time for another "before they were famous" here on Total Recall. Last time we looked at Bungie, creators of the Halo franchise. This time? We're looking at id Software, the team behind Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

One thing I heard from Mini-Bash today, "Yes Dad, I know you didn't have the internet or a cellphone as a kid. You've told me that a million times." Man, I feel old! –Brian Ashcraft

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