In between projects, and given the lackluster critical reception afforded to the last game in the series, creative agency Basic figured they'd take a swing at pitching a new Medal of Honor game. After all, it couldn't do much worse than the last one!

No doubt inspired by the likes of Modern Warfare and Ghost Recon, the pitch was called The Forefront, and was in effect suggesting that the next Medal of Honor game take place around twenty years in the future, albiet one in which gadgets and gizmos take a back seat to a realistic approach "that wasn't the typical fake/sci-fi look".


Now, Basic don't make games. They make ads. This is, essentially, like a fan saying, "Oh you should make the next one in the FUTURE!", only with pretty pictures and a demo reel. It was sent to both Danger Close, the last game's developers, and Sony.

It's not a game being made, nor is it ever likely to be. But we figured it was pretty and interesting enough to take a look at regardless!