Happy Father's Day | Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of The Legend of Zelda series, during an orchestral performance of the game's music at E3 2011. This year the series turns 25, and today Nintendo released a remastered Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian|Getty)

Rayman Origins Looks Like a Slapping Good Time

Rayman Origins is sometimes compared to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is apt if you're focusing on the platforming gameplay and the quasi-reboot of the franchise's story. The major difference is in the art direction. Rayman Origins uses an open-source engine caled UBIart Framework that, to oversimplify it a bit, allows the developers to take anything hand-drawn and pop it into the game. The result is a playable cartoon, something as distinctive and appealing in 2D as it would be as a 3D-animated platformer, if not moreso. More »


Console Battlefield 3 is Half the FPS of Modern Warfare 3

Battlefield 3's awe-inspiring tank battle demonstration at E3 was run on a PC, and it wasn't to make a statement about mouse-and-keyboard superiority. The game, according to developer DICE, will run at 60 frames per second on the PC—but 30 fps on the Xbox 360 and PS3. More »


Stick Jockey: Sports at E3: A Postgame Report

The real impressions, the newsy ones anyway, that I formed at E3 were more of the behind-the-scenes picture of sports gaming. Here they are, without any unifying theme, other than they're the 15-minute snapshots I took of sports gaming at the year's midpoint. More »

Mother Calls EA Motherfuckers

The gaming provocateur (and World of Warcraft power user) Athene says his mom wanted him to post this. It sounds like it came from the man himself, except for the part where she stutters over the pronunciation of the company's name at the beginning. More »



Crytek Says It Has No 'Xbox 720' and Doesn't Know What You're Talking About

Crytek officially denied it has any "Xbox 720" or any kind of next-generation hardware from Microsoft, putting the kibosh on a rumor that, for the second time in as many months, said the 360's successor was coming soon. More »


The Top Talent Departs as Madden Nears Its Release

The executive producer of Madden NFL quietly stepped down this week after less than a year on the job. He is the third senior-level Madden developer to leave the title in the past two months. But Phil Frazier and his former bosses say it is an amicable separation, one that won't affect the video game whose annual release is treated as a national celebration. More »

It's the end of the weekend but the beginning of mine. I hope all of you had a relaxing Father's Day. You did remember to call yours, right? Right? –Owen Good


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