Gated | TOKYO, JAPAN: Steins; Gate cosplayers cosplay at a recent event in Akihabara. (Photo: AbikaBlog)

The Wii U Will Not Play DVDs or Blu-ray Discs The Wii U plays games that run on a proprietary 25 GB format. As Kotaku previously reported, that's the same size as Blu-ray discs. But don't think that means the Wii U will run Blu-ray discs. Heck, it won't even run DVDs.

From Xbox Japan Girl to Idol You Can *Ahem* In 2008, Asami Sakurada (above, red beret) was unknown. She spent that September dressed as an Xbox Event companion at the Tokyo Game Show. Even in early 2010, she was doing booth companion work, appearing at AOU arcade show in the Konami booth. But by late 2010, she had a huge fan base, TV appearances, a record deal, and a hit song about, well, fucking.

Report: Sony Knew the PSN Leak Was Huge, it Just Waited to Tell You According to a report from Kyodo News, citing official Japanese government documentation, Sony Computer Entertainment knowingly delayed telling the public about the extent of an attack on its PlayStation Network so as not to "bewilder" its customers.

Modern Warfare 3 Shoots the Lights Out on Jimmy Fallon As promised, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon has kicked off his video game week with footage of Modern Warfare 3.

Iron Chef's Secret Ingredient Was… Pokémon! Iron Chef, a Japanese cooking show that began in 1992, has quite the cult following in certain Western countries thanks to years of dubbed episodes and re-runs.

Have't had a chance this week to go to the batting cage, yet. But hope to get there tomorrow. –Brian Ashcraft

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