Game Over | LOS ANGELES, CA: At this year's E3, gamers checked out the Microsoft booth. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian | Getty)

Before Duke Nukem Was An Asshole, He Was a Simple Man In the latest Duke Nukem game, the titular star is an offensive asshole, much of his macho charm having given way over the past decade to dick jokes even young boys would struggle to find funny.

Metal Gear Solid Girl: Not Enough Food Eater? Some people are known for their hairdos. Others are known for their wit. Rina Akiyama was known for her round butt. Now, she's known for something else: Her increasingly thin figure.

Battlefield 3 Finds a Way to Piss People Off Until this point, Battlefield 3 has been running an almost flawless marketing campaign. Great trailer after great trailer had people eating out of the palm of its hand, so much so you voted it your game of E3 2011.

Why the Wii U Is Missing the Point Silly Nintendo. All that marketing and research and they miss the blindingly obvious.

Battlefield 3 Reaches Out to 4chan With…Dinosaurs Why did Modern Warfare 2 on PC suck? Because it didn't have dinosaurs in it, apparently.

You tired, Crecente? Covering E3 is always so crazy. –Brian Ashcraft

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