The Sony PlayStation Network is back online, but it was hacked back in April. Sony's servers were breached and over seventy million accounts were compromised. Sony still doesn't seem to be any closer to nabbing the individuals who carried out the attack.

"We do know that the information was accessed," Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai said in an recent BBC interview. "We don't know what part of the accounts were taken from our servers." The hackers might have stolen first names or just the last four digits of telephone numbers.

"It could be the entire account information," Hirai added. "We just don't know."

That's not all Sony doesn't know. Hirai said that the intruders were "very good" at covering their tracks on their way out of Sony's servers.

"We may not know for a very long time or we may never know," said Hirai, who added that Sony's learned it needs to be "very vigilant" with credit card info. That's comforting.


Watch the interview in the link below.

Kaz Hirai [BBC Thanks, Ducce!]

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