Maybe you want to see what you missed on your favorite Gawker Media sites this week. Or maybe you're just exhausted after playing post-holiday catch-up at work and you're in need of a visual escape. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

What Are the Most Impressive Views Astronauts See In Orbit?

This high definition short is a fascinating document. Narrated by NASA's Dr. Justin Wilkinson, it shows a tour of planet Earth as seen by astronauts, explaining what are the places that they first focus on while in orbit. View »

See StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm In Action For the First Time

Blending campaign gameplay and scenes from the previously revealed cinematic teaser, here's our first peek at StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the second chapter in Blizzard's ongoing space war trilogy. View »

This Is the Worst Music Video We've Seen All Week

At the beginning of the music video for her new single, "I Don't Wanna Be a Crappy Housewife," Norwegian "recording artist" Tonje Langeteig laments, "Hi, my name is Tonje. I'm a little pretty girl trapped inside a grownup's body." That's pretty much when things go the Rebecca Black route—and fast. There's even an inexplicable rap solo. Enjoy! View »

Why Is This Video Of Bradley Cooper Speaking French Kinda Turning Us On?

So what if we can't understand a single word he's saying? Words are irrelevant right now. View »

This amazing video shows why you don't text and drive

I'll admit it. I have texted while driving. I know, it's stupid and I should know better. I don't do it anymore. And this video of a teen texting while driving shows precisely why. View »

Rampage Jackson Comes Very Close To Motorboating This Reporter

On Saturday, Rampage Jackson decisioned Matt Hamill in the main event of a UFC card that nobody cared about. After the fight, Jackson was his typical charming, wanton self. Here's an interview he did with Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat in which Jackson all but ravages her at the press-conference podium. View »

Sarah Palin Explains Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

It's been at least a few seconds since we last checked in on Sarah Palin's Tour de Grift, which stopped yesterday in Olde Boston Towne. Her bus visited such historical sights as Paul Revere's old shack, where Palin explained the colonist's famous "midnight ride" before the 1775 battles at Lexington and Concord. View »

Jedis Are Such Assholes

Some Jedi are unnervingly good. Others are evil to their very core. And others, well, they're just bros, hangin' out, bein' assholes. View »

Out With the Old, In the Most Beautiful Manner Possible

I disdain corporate shilling as much as the next guy, but once in a while there comes a commercial too beautiful not to post. In the case of Citroen's Anti-Retro campaign, by director Jonathan Gurvit, there are three. View »

Presenting Darren Aronofsky's Overly Dramatic Revlon Ad Starring Jessica Biel

How gorgeous does Revlon's brand ambassador look in this spot for their latest mascara? Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the commercial also stars a sexy Pharrell shooting longing glances at Biel, which we can only assume makes Justin Timberlake feel soooo jealous right now. View »

What 232 mph in a Ford GT feels like

Last week we shared some video from The Texas mile of what 231 mph in a Corvette feels like. Now here's some video from the same event of a 1,300-hp twin-turbo Hennessey Ford GT doing 232 mph. View »

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Hello Darkness

Here's a trailer for the American (read: real) version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a movie adaptation of the late Stieg Larsson's hugely popular mystery novel. A redband "bootlegged" trailer popped up over the weekend, but this here is the official one. View »

Watch Baylor Softball's Catcher Hit A Foul Ball Into Her Face

Sweet Christ, when Baylor freshman catcher Clare Hosack fouled a softball into her own face yesterday, it looked as if she was bleeding from the eye socket. View »

It's Breasts, Beasts, and Bullets for the Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

If I had to summarize Duke Nukem Forever in one picture, it would be at about 1:27 in this here launch trailer. Warning: may contain more naked breasts than you ever wanted to see. View »

Life-Size Hot Wheels Track Breaks World Record

As far as publicity stunts go, this is pretty great: a giganto-sized orange Hot Wheels set. And unlike the ones you played with as a tyke, the car didn't go crashing into a wall, but broke a distance world record. View »

Kick-Ass Lady Longboarders Carve Their Way Down A Mountain

Upon first watching this video of Madrid's Longboard Girls Crew, we were impressed by the collective skateboarding skills of this girls-only group. But when we looked into the LGC's purpose, we grew to love them even more. View »

This Is the Tornado that Struck Massachusetts Wednesday

Residents of Springfield, Massachusetts were left dumbfounded Wednesday after a tornado ripped through the area, leaving four dead. After watching this video—taken from atop a building as the giant storm formed in the water below—it's not hard to understand why those in the twister's wake were so frightened. View »

This is why you never lie to a drifter

"So you're telling me you already do drifting right? This is nothing new to you? You have no fear? God Bless." This may be the first drifting video ever that's better to watch with the subtitles on, thanks to the revenge this drifter unleashes on a man who apparently overstated his drifting credentials. View »

Watch Bees Take Down A Whole Bunch Of Brazilian Soccer Players

This footage comes from a semi-pro soccer match in Brazil from over the weekend. When the game started, it was just Corumbaense versus Itapora in front of pretty much no fans whatsoever. Then, the bodies started dropping. Play briefly continued until, at one point, there was one man standing. One man who's either a total badass or totally unappealing to bees. View »

L.A. Noire, in Five Seconds

This is true. Another way to handle it is the roommate going apeshit at an innocent response to a procedural question. View »

Yet Another Amazing Time-Lapse Video of New York City

Are you a filmmaker looking for a bit of attention? All you have to do is make a time-lapse video of New York. Tons of them have come along, but every time a new one rolls around, I stop and stare at the people moving quickly, the sun rising over the buildings, and the little squiggles of light trailing taxi cabs. It gets me every time. View »

Is This Little Kid The Next Tony Robbins?

Let this impassioned speech by a kid who just became the champion of his neighborhood inspire you to learn something new today. View »

Who Wants To See A Golf Cart Hit A Tree?

According to a commenter on Shane Bacon's blog, this is from the Ladies European Tour. Can we still make woman driver jokes if it was a male course official? How about European driver jokes? View »

Jon Stewart to Anthony Weiner: 'Just Tell the Truth!'

On tonight's Daily Show—after Tom Brokaw and Don Rickles offered some advice on how to cover Weinergate—Jon Stewart pointed out that the way the congressman has been handling the situation is "only making it worse." Then he begged Weiner to come clean about what really happened, even if it goes "against my own interests as a comedian." What a good friend! View »