Square Enix Products has produced some lovely action figures in its Halo: Reach Play Arts Kai series. Now the company commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Halo franchise with a re-envisioned version of Master Chief and a stunning Spartan Mark V.

Part of the new Halo: Combat Evolved Play Arts Kai series, the new Master Chief figure has been remade with sleek lines and sci-fi style the official announcement calls "iconic of other Square Enix products." While it's unmistakable the hero of Halo one through three, the devil is in the tiny details that lend a distinctive Japanese flavor to the familiar figure.

Both the new Master Chief and black Spartan V will be released later this year, with an asking price of $54.99 apiece. They'll also be on display in prototype form next week at E3 2011, so maybe we'll snap some pictures to help you decide if an action figure is worth that much.