For a company with such storied franchises, Nintendo sure does a terrible job in commemorating them. Mario got a red Wii and a repackaged game for his 25th birthday, and Zelda got...bupkis.

That may be changing come E3, as Nintendo's Masahiro Sakurai went to the trouble today of posting his E3 access pass on Twitter. And went to the trouble of making sure we could see clearly his lanyards.

One is for Skyward Sword, which is to be expected. It'll be a big part of Nintendo's show. The other, though, is celebrating Zelda's 25th anniversary, hinting something might be shown off next week.

It may be a game, it may be a party, it may just be for shits and giggles, who knows! But the series deserves something special, so let's hope it gets it, even if the party is a little late.

Sora_Sakurai [Twitter, via 1UP]