The Force | LAS VEGAS, NV: Filmmaker George Lucas appeared at CinemaCon earlier this spring. (Photo: Ethan Miller | Getty)

Hands On With StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm 's Campaign, Now With More RPG and Space Yetis StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is a mutated beast of last year's real-time strategy game infused with traces of point and click adventure. For StarCraft II's first expansion, the second chapter in Blizzard's trilogy, the game is getting a dose of role-playing game elements.

She's Bayonetta, Brought to Life As far as short nicknames go, hers must be on of the shortest. Going by the frisky sounding "H", this cosplayer focuses her attention primarily on one thing: games made in Osaka.

L.A. Noire DLC Offers Players New Cases to Play. New Ways to Pay. A handful of downloadable content is coming to detective game L.A. Noire. The DLC includes standalone cases, in-game items and challenges.

Not One Space Pirate, a Whole Squad of Them They're pirates in space. But they've got more than guns and swords. They've got cell phones and groovy collars. Arrgh!

Remembering Capcom's Great Nintendo Promise / Betrayal Capcom and Nintendo have always had a rather close relationship. In 2002, though, the pair became blood brothers. Or so people thought.

Went to CostCo this morning and bought some Mexican food and salsa. I love CostCo! I also got some dental floss, which is really, really expensive. Why the hell is floss os pricey? –Brian Ashcraft

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