I'm with Leather | ARLINGTON, VA: Former candidate Sarah Palin checks out the Rolling Thunder Rally over the weekend. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla | Getty)

Link is Dreaming of Some Creepy-Ass Pokémon Cosplay can be great when a piece is a painstaking recreation of the original. There is, however, nothing stopping it from being great when there's a bit of gender-bending going on, either.

End of Nations Is Packed With Unrealized Potential The promise of blending a real-time strategy game with legions of gamers around the world in a persistent online environment is great. But pulling that off remains a challenge.

Japan Gets the Best PS3 When big PS3 games are released, Sony often launches a limited edition PS3, either with a special design or in a unique color. Role-playing game Tales of Xillia is no different.

Being Hard Gay for Laughs and Cash In 2005, comedian Masaki Sumitani became the most popular funny man in Japan. He dressed in a PVC hotpants, thrusting his pelvis as he exclaimed, "Fooohhh!" Little kids imitated the catchphrase, and Sumitani conquered the country.

Is Sony's New Handheld Called "Vita"? It's the week before E3. There are rumours buzzing around like flies on a turd. Here's the biggest fly, then, from the weekend: that the NGP has a name. And that name is "Vita".

Happy Memorial Day, Americans! –Brian Ashcraft

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