Free the Indianapolis 500 | The U.K.'s Dan Wheldon won on the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 today, zipping to the checkered flag first when rookie J.R. Hildebrand crashed in the final turn of the final lap. (Photo: Jonathan Ferrey | Getty Images)

Bankrupted Studio Says Square Enix Demanded Code by Fax, Didn't Recognize FFXII Screenshots

In a feature story published today in Sweden, the founders of GRIN lay their studio's precipitous demise at Square Enix's feet, saying the publisher reneged on payments during the development of a Final Fantasy game and saddled them with ridiculous requirements as the project went sour. More »

War Pigs and Brothers to the End: Here is Gears of War 3's World Premiere Trailer

Airing in Europe and Mexico following the UEFA Champions' League Final, here is the full Gears of War 3 E3 trailer, with special musical guest Black Sabbath performing "War Pigs." More »

Reaching for the Brass Ring on NCAA Football 12's Coaching Carousel

With a little layering atop the game's existing Dynasty mode, EA Sports has put in what is essentially a second or third career mode into NCAA Football 12. Coaching Carousel gives you a goal: Rise from your beginnings as an assistant coach or small-time head coach into the leader of a major college power.More »

At Last, the 3DS Proves Useful for Something

At a WWE event broadcat Friday on SmackDown, one ringside patron used his 3DS' camera to capture the action, getting the device into the broadcast. He wrote in and sent along the pictures he took. More »

You Can Have Any Sports Video Game You Want, But There's Only One

About this time last year, at E3, I was chewing the fat with a 2K Sports representative about NBA 2K11 which already looked to be the monster it would become. Long dominant in the pro basketball genre, the game with Michael Jordan on its cover was going to be 2K's Sunday punch to EA Sports. "That's the idea," the guy told me. "Get an exclusive deal without paying for it." More »

Poland Gives President Obama The Witcher 2's Collector's Edition

President Obama, on a tour of Europe this week, stopped in Poland today to meet with Prime Minister Donald Tusk. As is customary, Tusk presented Obama with several gifts to commemorate his visit. One of those was the collector's edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. More »

That wild ending must have hit Wheldon like it was the worst case of slingshot AI. Like heavyweight boxing and thoroughbred racing, North American open-wheeled racing is in decline, reliant on a single event. Everyone will be talking about this for days, though. It brings to mind what NASCAR's Richard Petty once said: "Give ‘em a close finish and they'll be back. Give ‘em a wreck at the finish and they'll bring a friend." –Owen Good

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