Maybe you're bored because you didn't get out of town for the holiday weekend. Or maybe you're home visiting family and cabin fever now has you searching for a distraction. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

The Most Mesmerizing Video of an Exploding Volcano

Smoke, lightning, clouds, dramatic score, volcano. It's not the opening of Lord of the Rings—it's an amazing video of the Icelandic volcano Grímsvötn erupting, shot by Jon Gustafsson. View »

The ten coolest futuristic movie cars

No matter how bleak the future is, movies have taught us the cars will still be awesome. Here are the ten cars you said were the coolest futuristic movie cars of all time. Warning: spoilers to movies you should have already seen ahead. View »

'Dying' Michigan City to Newsweek: Drop Dead

Back in January, Newsweek placed Grand Rapids, Michigan on a list of America's "Dying Cities." Naturally, many Grand Rapids natives (like yours truly!) were outraged by the grievous attack on the office furniture capital of the world. Four months later, we have it, in the form of a record-setting lip dub to Don McLean's "American Pie." View »

Amy Poehler's Awesome Harvard Speech

Last night Amy Poehler spoke to Harvard's graduating class of 2011 in a speech that was filled with personal life lessons, with Boston accents thrown in for good measure. View »

All the Awesome Jokes Left out of Bridesmaids

If you saw Bridesmaids you probably thought it was hysterical. Well, just think of how much funnier it could have been if they'd included Jon Hamm's dirty sex positions, the descriptions of nasty smells, or the funny lines coming out of a little boy's mouth. The rapid fire succession of all these outtakes will make your mind boggle. View »

The Greatest Baseball Highlight Ever Happened 20 Years Ago Tonight

The video's been played and replayed so many times, it almost no longer matters who and where and how. It's a dude running through a fence. View »

South Park Shreds EA Sports and Peter Moore

South Park never goes harder than when it goes after hypocrisy, and tonight, its allegorical tale involved the NCAA and the obscene profits reaped from what is essentially free labor. Yet EA Sports—and, of all people, its president, Peter Moore—ended up getting it the worst. View »

Feed the Drawing Machine an Image, and It Will Sketch It

Anything that automates the creative process probably doesn't deserve a place in this world, but in the case of the Drawing Machine, I'll let it slide. The Arduino software can turn any JPEG photo into a handrawn (well, robot-drawn) image. View »

Dancing Owls Just Don't Give A Hoot

From Russia, with love: two owls dance to the beat of a song we seem to recall from the 1990s. View »

The Best Parts of Lady Gaga's Late Show Interview with David Letterman

On the same day her album dropped, Lady Gaga appeared on the Late Show tonight to promote Born This Way and talk with David Letterman. Full of flirting and awkward conversation, Gaga and Letterman's first chat ever was one worth watching. So with that in mind, here's our handy little video of interview's best four minutes. View »

Watch a bike jump a GT-R-powered BMW doing a burnout

I don't know what the bike is, but the car is no less than a BMW E30 with a Skyline GT-R RB26 swap doing a wicked burnout while being jumped. It's the kind of mad collision of disparately awesome factors that make life worth living and Baseketball such a surprisingly funny movie. View »

They're Nude. They're Gaming.

People in New York City are gathering, getting naked and playing video games. Or are they? View »

Eleven Million Deaths Have Never Looked so Beautiful

Here are the deaths of eleven million Just Cause 2 games, caused by bodies smashing into solid ground, visualised on a map from the heavens. Please, watch it. View »

Whoopi Goldberg Grosses Out Barbara Walters with Her Farts

This morning Dr. Oz started adjusting to life after Oprah by making an appearance on The View. While discussing the benefits of fiber with the ladies, he noted that one of its side effects is gas. Naturally, this caused Whoopi Goldberg to start farting it up. View »

47 Of Maria Sharapova's Grunts In Her Second-Round French Open Win

Maria Sharapova faced Caroline Garcia, a 17-year-old French up-and-comer, in the second round of the French Open today. Sharapova's known for her grunting, of course; what I've never listened for before is the way it actually intensifies and becomes more guttural as the match proceeds. But maybe it's just an auditory illusion. View »

Watching Space Shuttle Endeavor's Junk Parts Fall Back to Earth Is Worth 37 Minutes of Your Life

If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was watching an experimental film and not footage of Space Shuttle Endeavor's last launch. At times View »

The Six Best Ways To Steal Gas

With summer comes the threat of higher gas prices — just as everyone has run out of money. Today we bring you a classic from the Jalopnik vault, Five Ways To Steal Gas, updated with the latest technique. View »

Christina Aguilera Is a Huge Gamer

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, popstar Christina Aguilera revealed her love for classic arcade games, saying she even has a mini "old school" arcade in her house with Donkey Kong, Mario, and Galaga.
View »

Washington Hiker Swears She Has Video Evidence of Bigfoot

Last weekend, a woman named Samantha went hiking with her friends near Spokane, Washington and documented the trek with her iPhone. After returning home and reviewing footage of the hike, however, Samantha was stunned to see an uninvited—yet strangely familiar—figure moving ahead of her group. Could it be... Bigfoot? View »

Obama Fumbles Toast To Queen In Second Royal Gaffe

Yesterday, President Obama wrote the wrong date in Westminster Abbey's guest book and (I'm only going to type this once) Fox News may be right that this would have been a bigger deal if George W. Bush had done it. View »

Dead Wrestler Of The Week: "Macho Man" Randy Savage

An occasional feature in which we honor the sport's fallen and examine their legacies. Today: "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who died in a car accident Friday. View »

Watching Power Lines Explode Is a Little Bit Like Watching Fireworks

Daniel Bean, a filmmaker, captured power lines exploding like fireworks in Brazil. It's scary because the town has been experiencing a ton of problems with their electricity and the company hasn't stepped up to fix it. That. Shit. Ain't. Safe. View »

First-Person Video From Inside the Missouri Tornado

When a massive twister hit Joplin, Mo. last night, YouTube user izelsg was trapped inside a convenience store. He posted this terrifying video shortly after. View »

Man Brings Street Fighter to Life with His Mouth

YouTube user sonaje is talented. When he's not recreating game tunes and sound effects with his guitar, he's doing it with his mouth. View »

Watch a lunatic chase cops around an airport in a stolen fire truck

These police officers at the Cork Airport in Ireland have it all wrong. First they let 37-year-old Edmond Stapleton steal their SUV at knife-point, and then they let him chase them around the airport. Quick, someone cue up the Benny Hill Music. View »

Watch Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's 'Threeway' with Lady Gaga on SNL

For its season finale, Saturday Night Live brought out two big guns: Justin Timberlake as host and Lady Gaga as musical guest. Here's the episode's soon-to-be infamous digital short, featuring Timberlake and Sandberg singing about a ménage à trois with Gaga called "3-Way (The Golden Rule)." After all, "It's not gay when it's in a three way—with a honey in the middle there's some leeway." View »