The long holiday weekend here in the states is perfect for getting together with your relatives. Mobile gaming is the perfect way to take your mind off that horrible possibility. Let's see what we've played this week, shall we?

Only four games were showcased this week instead of the normal five, but one of them was Hydro Thunder Go for the Windows Phone 7, which is easily worth any two iPhone games.


Now that the Windows Phone 7 gamers have wandered off to gloat, check out the three amazing iOS titles we futzed around with this week. Bumpy Road or Storm in a Teacup versus Hydro Thunder? No contest, my friends.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Bumpy Road is a Sweet Trip, Just Not a Smooth One

Bumpy Road is one of those games I'd like to play with someone looking over my shoulder. It's a delight to look at and to listen to, and its very sweet-natured purpose-follow an aging couple down memory lane-makes it a feel-good story you'd want to share. More »

Current Is Currently My Favorite Game

iOS games can be a crap shoot. There are some real diamonds, but a lot of crap. Then, every once in a while, you find a game, and you really get into it. For me, that game is Current. More »

Storm In A Teacup Is A Dreamy, Delightful Platformer for the iPhone and iPad

Can a physics based platformer stand out-not to mention be a treat to play-on the iPhone? It can when you're piloting fine porcelain in a bizarre, hazardous dreamworld while playing Storm In A Teacup. More »

Hydro Thunder Go is Definitely a Must-Have Windows Phone 7 Game

After launching out of the starting gate with an impressive collection of titles the release of quality Xbox Live-enabled games for the Windows Phone 7 slowed to a trickle. Now Microsoft speeds things up a bit with six weeks of "Must-Have" Windows Phone games, and what better way to increase velocity than with the action-packed boat racing of Hydro Thunder Go? More »