Stache | LONDON, ENGLAND: In May 1939, Harry Williams claimed to have the longest moustache in Britain. (Photo: London Express | Hulton Archive)

Win Prizes Like These at Japanese Arcades In arcades, claw and craw-based redemption machines give gamers the chance to win crap they probably don't need, but want anyway. The 24th Prize Fair recently kicked off in Tokyo, showing off new goodies gamers can win.

The Sweet, Yet Slightly Creepy Art of Alice: Madness Returns A PC cult classic returns (and on consoles this time, too) next month when Alice: Madness Returns hits shelves.

Phoenix Wright Movie Confirmed; Releases in Japan Early Next YearThis week at the Cannes Film Festival, Japanese director Takashi Miike tipped off he was working on a Phoenix Wright adaptation for the big screen. Capcom has now confirmed it. A news release says the live-action Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will open in Japan in early Spring 2012.

Sony Says It's Working on the PS4 Asked to explain increased research and development costs, a Sony senior executive told investors that work PlayStation 3 successor is "already under way."

Sony's Boss Wasn't Told the PSN Had Been Hacked In 2008 While it's important to remember Sony (and all PlayStation Network users) are the victims of a crime when we talk about the PSN attacks, it's also important to know why Sony has come in for criticism over the affair.

The raining season's started in Japan. Which sucks. I kinda hate the rainy season! It's so...rainy. Mini-Bash has a soccer tournament this weekend, which might be cancelled—not because of the rainy season, but because of an impending typhoon. Still! The rainy season sucks. Hate it. –Brian Ashcraft

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