Red Star microdots. (Likely acid.) Price: 7.75 bitcoins ($67) for five. (All photos from Silk Road sellers.)

Edgarnumbers is selling these 2C-B "blue bees" tablets. Price: 1.15 bitcoins ($10) per tablet.

Avatar acid for sale by Bloomingcolors. "Avatar blotters are VERY strong (180ug per), and have been circulating around the EU for some time now. Ships sealed in an airtight plastic bag padded with paper in an unmarked envelope within 24 hours." Price: 2.42 bitcoins ($20) per hit.

Seller Greenco posted this time-stamped picture of his stash of marijuana in the forums to prove he was ready to ship ASAP.

1UP of Canada is offering 1/8 oz of "the infamous Jack Herer." He writes: "This is just classic stuff, well grown, well cured, well smoked." Price: 7.42 bitcoins ($64)

A satisfied customer posted this picture of the acid he received from a Silk Road seller in the forums.