TANK VS. FORTERESSE | PARIS, FRANCE: Gaming in 1930 looked like this. (Photo: Hulton Archive | Getty)

The First Explosive Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Is Here Modern Warfare 3, is a globetrotting tale of destruction, taking the fight to America, England, Germany and France, bringing with it huge destruction and battles more ambitious than ever. See for yourself in the game's first trailer using Modern Warfare's new tech.

What Do Warcraft , Optimus Prime and Zelda Have In Common? Before its realm of Azeroth was brought to life in 2004's World of Warcraft, Blizzard had tried once before to add a little depth to their fantasy franchise with a game that sadly never saw the light of day.

The Young Girl Who Loves Old Games After one of Japan's most beloved gaming mascots Takahashi Meijin revealed that he was leaving Hudson Soft, 23-year-old pin-up model Haruna Anno took to Twitter and her blog. She knew that he was leaving beforehand and talked to Takahashi about his decision, revealing that the conversation made her weep. But there's an upside.

The Geekiest Cars on Earth For Japanese otaku, itasha—literally "painmobile"—are about as geeky as they come. This past weekend, diehard itasha gathered and gawked in Tokyo's Odaiba.

The Man Who Creates Pokémon For a LivingThe Man Who Creates Pokémon For a Living Ken Sugimori may not be a household name, but the monsters that have flowed forth from his sketchbook certainly have.

This past weekend, I played Battleship with my oldest kid, Mini-Bash. Do people still play board games? I know there are, of course, hardcore tabletop enthusiasts, but I'm talking about more casual board games. I sure hope people still play them! –Brian Ashcraft

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