Forever a Champion | Randy "Macho Man" Savage, one of the greatest performers in the history of all professional wrestling, died today in a car accident in Florida. He was 58. (Photo: Frank Micelotta | Getty)

It's Our Last Day on Earth. What are you going to play?

Tomorrow is the Rapture, according to a minister who sounds like Vincent Price and looks like a pickle in a deep fryer. You've got 12, maybe 18 hours to game. What's your poison? More »

What Can We All Learn from the Xbox Live Banning of ‘Pound Her Stank'?

Xbox Live technical support will be extra busy over the course of this week and the next as a new software update rolls out, bringing sweeping bans to those with modified consoles. But one fresh account banning from this week is more educational than the rest. More »

Macho Man Randy Savage Killed in Car Accident

Randy Savage was one of the few wrestlers who had appeared to permanently burn a bridge with the WWF/WWE. That absence kept him out of many projects, including the popular line of WWE video games. That bridge, however, appeared to finally be mended just months ago when Savage was included as a featured character in THQ's WWE All Stars.More »

Tired of Your Old, Broken Super Nintendo Games? Piss on Them!

You thought that eBay lot of used Super Nintendo games was a good idea, until you discovered they were all either broken or horrifically outdated sports titles. At least you'll have a pot to piss in, as long as you follow Price Charting's instructions on how to build a video game urinal. More »

Game Dev Searches for Developer Girlfriend Online in Adorable, Probably Illegal Personal Ad

There's a game developer on the internet looking for love. And he's got the job to woo you. Going as "single_white_dev", his profile post starts innocuously enough, but it takes a slightly hairy turn in the second paragraph.More »

Author of Negative Conduit 2 Review Becomes Target of Studio's Ire, His Novel Attacked on Amazon

Video game development company High Voltage Software was so chagrined by a negative review of their game, The Conduit 2, its creative director may have encouraged studio staff to retaliate against the author-by inundating the Amazon page for his novel with negative reviews. More »

My introduction to Randy Savage came in 1987 during Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC, when the Macho Man defeated George The Animal Steele to retain his Intercontinental championship belt and win the managerial services of Miss Elizabeth. Say what you will about pro wrestling or the man; he made a lot of children smile. A lot of them today are feeling very sad. And very old. –Owen Good

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