Should we consider hardcore PC gamers the hipsters of gaming just because they tend to bring up how PC gaming did everything first whenever an innovative new console title comes out? Maybe commenter Truthtellah has a point in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

Why am I only now realizing that ardent PC gamers are the Hipsters of Gaming?

We get it; PC gaming is pretty cool and has gotten a lot of things first. We just don't have to hear about it every time a console game does something. Maybe that obscure PC game from the early nineties did it first. Maybe PCs had HD graphics before everyone else. That doesn't mean we need to be reminded every time of how awesome you are to have owned a PC back then.

I love PC games; I've played them for two decades.

But a lot of console games are pretty darn great, too.

Can't we just let people be excited and enjoy themselves?

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