All Systems Go | MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: The PlayStation 2 launched Down Under on November 29, 2000. (Photo: Robert Cianflone | Getty)

Shoot Targets to Get Duke Nukem Girls Topless Putting new meaning in "flash game", Duke Nudem is a browser title in which players shoot targets in a game of strip shooting. Winning peels clothes off your female rival. Losing, theoretically, gets you naked.

Your Eyes May Not Survive These Uncharted Figures If you had to ask people which game series they'd most want action figures based on, your top answer would be Half-Life. Your number two, though, would be Uncharted, so it's a shame to see these are the first plastic representations of the game's characters.

Let's Check Out the Resident Evil Restaurant To mark Resident Evil's 15th anniversary, Capcom turned Tokyo airsoft gun shooting bar EA into a S.T.A.R.S.. It's kind of pricey!

Your Guide to the Fancy Hats of LA Noire The real stars of LA Noire aren't the cops, or the cars, or the bloody deceased. They're the fancy hats, of which there are surely more in this single game than there are in every other ever made. Put together.

Chinese Toymaker Forced to Apologize for Gundam Ripoffs China loves Gundam. But China doesn't always love copyright law. That can be a problem!

Ah, the hump day. Wednesday! Some people don't like Mondays (I do). I don't like Wednesday. It's too half-assed. –Brian Ashcraft

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