ROOF ROOF | LEIPZIG, GERMANY: Nintendogs on display in the 2005 Gamescon. (Photo: Daniela Schaar | Getty)

Building Better Portal 2 Personality Spheres We've already seen our fair share of Portal 2-inspired art around these parts, but this series of miniature personality spheres by Chris Myles certainly takes the, ahem, cake.

Life-Sized Gundam Vehicles You Could Drive Spotted at the Shizuoka Hobby Show by Hobby Blog, these are life-sized vehicles that appear in the Gundam series. Mechs don't ride in these, people do!

These Video Games Aren't Just Art, They're Masterpieces Guillaume Colomb has taken ten classic works of art and made them a little more current, dropping the likes of Mario, Pac-Man and Princess Peach into the paintings. Some may be a little inappropriate, but that Goya-meets-Shadow of the Colossus piece looks like it's always been that way.

Why Kotaku Didn't Save a Japanese Fishing Village In the years that Kotaku's been on the internet, the site's done a wide array of things. One thing it's never done is save an entire Japanese fishing village.

Playing One Hour of Dead Island , The Zombie Apocalypse of My Dreams Techland's Dead Island reminds me of a recurring nightmare, an unsettling dream of helplessness in which my body feels too fatigued and feeble to fight off nameless, faceless attackers. And beyond a cinematically inventive trailer, that's my favorite thing about Dead Island so far.

I had to go to the eye doctor today! My eyes are TOTALLY FINE. –Brian Ashcraft

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