Well, if it isn't Kirin from Monster Hunter. Who says the series isn't popular in the West. It's popular enough for somebody to dress up as a Monster Hunter character!

Other notable mentions from this week's cosplay roundup include a convincing Ezio from Assassin's Creed, double the Devil May Cry and a dark, very furry Pokemon.


I think I like Umbreon, the Pokemon, the best. I'm not normally a furry man, but sitting on your knees all day dressed in an enormous animal suit surely takes more dedication than putting on cape and running around while your friends take pictures.

Unless he/she has a fan and a TV in there. In which case I take it all back.

Assassin's Creed, as seen on LadyBad.

BioShock, as seen on joechan666.

Devil May Cry, as seen on lilajs.

Dragon Age 2, as seen on love-squad.

Iron Man, as seen on spirosk-photography.

Monster Hunter, as seen on Sandman-AC.

King of Fighters, as seen on Lady-aka-Mikuru.

Team Fortress 2, as seen on KirganL.

Pokemon, as seen on PacificPikachu.