Were you nose-deep in a good book and miss out on your favorite Gawker Media sites this week? In need of some visual stimulation on an otherwise uneventful Saturday? Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the mid-May week that was.

This Slingshot of Mass Destruction Can Fire Six 20mm Steel Balls at the Same Time

This giant slingshot can fire six 20mm steel balls at the same time, hitting its target with an energy of about 60 joules each. That's enough to destroy a few human heads in a row, but thankfully they tried it with watermelons. View »

Here's the Only Part of This Week's SNL Worth Watching

So, Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this week! She was OK, but nothing from the episode really stood out... that is, until Bill Hader reprised his role as Stefon—Weekend Update's club-hopping "City Correspondent"—who came armed with the most ridiculous suggestions imaginable for a Mother's Day out. The bit succeeded in its own right, but the fact that Hader broke character about 20 times to regain his composure made everything funnier. View »

How a million-pound jumbo jet tests its brakes

Watch this amazing video of what happens when Boeing wants to make sure the carbon ceramic brakes on its new Boeing 747-8 work under the worst possible conditions. Specifically, Boeing has to simulate the worst possible conditions: a rejected take-off with no reverse thrusters on worn-out brakes. The result? Red-hot 2,552 degree brakes. Yowch! View »

Child Services To Investigate 8-Year-Old Girl Botox Case

The outrage expressed at the story of a mother who injects botox into her young daughter's face was felt across the entire country, and today Good Morning America reports that San Franciso's Child Welfare Services are now involved. We sincerely hope this means a botox-filled needle won't be touching young Brittany's face again. View »

Where You'll Go, How You'll Kill, and Who Will Die in Modern Warfare 3

We've been gentle so far in our revealing of what we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We've tip-toed through the minefield of spoilers, and tried to reveal only facts anyone would want to know. That ends here. View »

The Hypnotic Hilarity of a Woman Falling Down in the Ocean

There is nothing funnier than watching people fall down. Here's a woman who falls down again and again while trying to get out of the ocean. Add the pummeling of the waves, and you have a comedy classic. View »

7 new Falling Skies videos introduce the last humans left alive on Earth

We've got two new clips from Falling Skies, and a gaggle of character profiles that help flesh out the only human survivors on TNT's new alien attack drama. View »

Worst Golf Swings: "Here Come The Asians" Edition

Writes Chris, "This is my uncle. His swing is very, very slow. Very." His follow-through is gangbusters, too. View »

News Anchors Incapable Of Discussing Shake Weight Without Making Excessive Dick Jokes

The KTLA morning show gang sent a fearless reporter a shake weight-based exercise class. You know where this is going, right? Yeah, it went there in less than a minute. View »

This Super Tiny Apartment Is an Amazing Transformer

And here I thought my New York apartment was small! Christian Schallert lives in a 258 square foot space and maximizes the hell out it by hiding everything behind walls, cabinets and clever design. Seriously, watch this. It's freaking amazing. View »

These are this year's best airborne police chase videos

A maker of police airborne surveillance cameras gives out annual awards for the best videos of pursuits and arrests. From a triple-digit motorcycle chase to a robber impersonating an alligator, this year's entries show why you shouldn't run. View »

Announcer Stays Cool As Foul Ball Smashes Into Press Box

At a game last month, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville announcer Joe Pott maintained his composure and his baritone has a ball came through the window at him. Keep an eye on this guy, folks View »

Shanghai's robotic lightsaber battles are very lovely this time of year

Japan's Yaskawa Corporation is a firm whose starry-eyed goal is to arm robots with laser swords. After teaching their Motoman robots to dance with lightsabers, Yaskawa has now taught two robotic arms to duel Jedi-style. View »

Watch Lindsay Lohan Pretend to Be a Vampire

What's Lindsay Lohan up do these days? Well, when she's not busy serving the homeless without a bra, she's apparently donning fake teeth and fake blood while starring in some sort of weird, vampire-themed photo shoot. View »

Samuel L. Jackson Plays Black Ops

Whether this Samuel L. Jackson soundboard is live (in which case, it must have taken at least two guys) or edited in after the fact, there's little dispute over its comedic value. (NSFW language throughout.) View »

Relive Your Entire 1990s Childhood In Under 4 Minutes

From Fern Gully to Ghost Writer, Bill Nye The Science Guy to Boy Meets World, this megamix of "ancient" artifacts provides a cornucopia of popular movies, television shows, commercials and video games from the innocent age known as the 90s. View »

Watch the Heroic and Crazy Flying Firefighters In Action

Last April, wildfires engulfed 200,000 acres of woods and 150 homes at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas. This spectacular video shows the biggest guns of the Forest Service fighting against the uncontrollable flames. View »

The Lakers Had A Group Meltdown In Honor Of Phil Jackson's Final Game

Let's avoid speculating about why the Lakers are avoiding Kobe Bryant on the court, and why Pau Gasol broke it off with his girlfriend, and how those two things may or may not be related and may or may not have lead to this 4-0 sweep, and just point out that Los Angeles played like a team — despite earlier claims — that knew it was going to get swept, and that couldn't do anything about it. View »

Berserk Naked Racist Wig-Out Marks Another Day on the NYC Subways

It's not every day you see a mentally deranged young man shouting racial slurs strip naked on the 6 train and start randomly attacking strangers. I mean, spaghetti-hurling fights? Sure. Intergenerational wrestling matches? Absolutely. Bloody Loco? Of course. But the dramatic nudity here, combined with the obscenity and the random violence, make this one a "classic New York moment." View »

How not to load a car onto a flatbed truck

We've already seen "Why did you turn," and now we have "Why did you accelerate?" Why is it suddenly so hard to load cars onto trucks these days? View »

Japanese TV show pranks unsuspecting victim with a haunted mirror

In this clip from a Japanese candid camera program, a fellow sits down to use a mirror and is immediately harassed by angry ghosts straight out of Ringu (or perhaps Hausu). Shit gets extremely real around the 30-second mark. View »

Will Smith's Gargantuan Trailer Enrages Manhattanites

Enormously popular actor (and child star breeder) Will Smith is currently filming Men in Black III in Manhattan, and, beloved as he may be, is royally pissing off locals with his out-sized 53-foot-long trailer. View »

This Lady Has a Special Skill

Voice actress Chiaki Omigawa, best known for her roles in Arakawa under the Bridge and Soul Eater, can do more than act. She can also sing. But that's not her secret talent.
View »

Eliminate Muffin-Tops With This Horrible Underthing

The Doctors introduced us to a new form of underwear that clamps on to your nether-regions in lieu of a thong. It's like an underwire bra-meets-headband that you wear in your crotch area instead. Or something? View »

Watch This 840 Barrel Paintball Gun Make Art In 1/8th of a Second

To anyone wondering why on earth you'd want to build a paintball gun capable of firing 840 barrels' worth of ammo in 1/8th of a second, well, I bet you don't get why we went to the moon either. View »

Anderson Cooper Gets Flustered Over Embarrassing Childhood Picture

On tonight's 360, Anderson Cooper was discussing how CSI star Marg Helgenberger called Justin Bieber a brat when an embarrassing picture of Cooper as a child, fully decked out in a flamboyant purple headdress, suddenly appeared on the screen. Needless to say, his surprised reaction to the control room prank was entertaining. View »