Nineteen years ago Bruce Campbell and his time-displaced chin took on the forces of evil in a movie that generated a good fifteen years' worth of amusing quotes. Today Backflip Studios releases Army of Darkness Defense for the iPhone.

Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams, one asshole of a retail employee teleported via ancient evil book to medieval times, where he must protect humanity from the horror he himself unleashed. In this cartoonish iPhone version of the tale, Ash and his allies must survive fifty increasingly difficult waves of Deadites while more than 100 "hilarious" lines from the cult classic film repeat themselves until they aren't funny anymore (several years ago).

I love Bruce Campbell. He deserves hugs for the work he's done. The Army of Darkness stuff is just getting a little old. Make a new one already. Give us fresh quotes. Yes, yes, that is your boom stick. No, you can't have any sugar.

Backflip Studios' Army of Darkness Defense is available now on the iPhone for a limited-time sale price of $.99.