GUN HAZARD | TOKYO, JAPAN: To celebrate 15 years of Resident Evil, a Tokyo airsoft gun bar is being turned into a RE shooting range. (Photo: Capcom)

Controversial Game Brought to Life With Tight Rubber, a Nice Lady and Fake Blood Thrill Kill, a violent S&M-themed fighting game, was too much for the PlayStation 1. It's not too much for Metal Gear cosplay queen Omi Gibson.

Classic Movies Look Better as Pixel Art Artist Andy Helms has been going bananas these past few weeks, churning out amazing pieces of movie-inspired pixel art at a breakneck pace.

Can You Handle All This Badass Plastic? Namco Bandai doesn't only make video games. It's Bandai arm has toy and game licenses for iconic Japanese institutions like Gundam, Kamen Rider and Ultraman, as well as new favs like One Piece and Haruhi Suzumiya.

Inside Japan's Largest Cosplay Theme Park At any geek event in Japan, you'll see them: cosplayers. Convention centers are not ideal backgrounds for the fantasy of fancy costumes. Amateur photographers who aren't happy with the shitty con setting even rent private spaces and hire cosplayers for more professional looking photos.

The HD Console Game From…1993? While most people would peg the beginning of the high definition era around the time of the PlayStation 2 (some games able to run in 1080i), here's one game that was running in HD nearly twenty years ago.

Mini-Bash's teacher visited our house today for a short parent-teacher meeting. She's visiting all the parents this week. I liked the teacher, she's very upbeat and positive, and she seems nice. Man, grade school seems like a gajillion years ago... –Brian Ashcraft

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