DRINK UP | OSAKA, JAPAN: Spotted in Osaka's geek district, Den-Den Town. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft)

The Beautiful Art of Brink Comes from Some Unlikely Inspiration So, Brink is out. And it's divisive! Some people appreciate the new things it's trying to do, others lament the fact the game is in many ways simply broken, while others still have no idea what to think. Whatever your view on the game, though, surely we can all agree the thing looks great.

This Isn't a PC, It's a Murderbox There are the kinds of PC that the average person can build, or buy. Then there are the kinds of extravagant PC the average person will likely never buy, but will simply dream of from afar. This is the latter.

Cosplaying Female Wrestler Body-Slammed with Death Threats At a little over five feet and weighing a mere 110 pounds, twenty-six year-old Moeka Haruhi (above, boot to face) is a star in Japanese women's pro wrestling. Her anime and game-themed ring gear have made her a fan favorite. But one fan took things too far.

This Might be the Weirdest Game Boy Game Ever Made Over the decades, there were plenty of kooky Game Boy games released in both Japan and the West. Plenty of strange accessories, too, from cameras to printers to blood glucose monitors. But 2001's Mario Family was especially kooky.

Almost as Good as the Real Thing: Bootlegged DS Lite is Disturbingly Functional 1UP.com's Jeremy Parish had been looking for a new DS Lite to replace a well-loved (and steadily deteriorating) Zelda-themed unit. He turned to eBay to fulfill his need for the recently-discontinued piece of tech, and found a model that appeared to fit the bill.

Did a quick phone interview today with a well known game dev. He's a good dude, always fun to talk to! –Brian Ashcraft

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