AD ART | A modified Brink ad spotted by reader Israel in a New York subway. Photo: Israel)

Is the bin Laden Kill Game Cathartic, Educational, or Just Ghoulish?

Osama bin Laden hunches quietly in the darkness of an Abbottabad basement, rifle clutched in his hands. He swivels smoothly left. Stops. Then swivels smoothly right. More »

First Touch Football is Full-Featured Footy

Typically, upon hearing that a sports game is unlicensed, I expect completely generic teams populated by bland rosters. First Touch Soccer is hardly gimped in such a way. More »

What Game of Thrones' Intro Looks Like in StarCraft 2

David Zhou noticed the resemblance between the open titles of HBO's Game of Thrones and the maps of an RTS. And what do you know? A StarCraft 2 movie (created by Zhou) set to the GoT intro music looks pretty great.
StarCraft: More »

BioWare's First Third-Person Shooter Comes to WiiWare

While BioWare may be known for its epic role-playing games, back in 2000 the developer was responsible for crafting the sequel to one of the greatest third-person shooters of all time, MDK, and today that sequel comes to WiiWare. More »

The Extraordinary, Underground Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

Back in 2007 I read an article on BoingBoing about a small "museum" of Soviet-era video games that had been opened by a couple of students in the basement of a small technical university about 30 minutes outside the center of Moscow. More »

Obsidian is Sorry that Fallout: New Vegas Was So Buggy

[NowGamer] More »

This Life-Sized Portal Turret Replica Has Its Laser Eye on You

Complete with a red laser eye and motion-sensing sound bytes, video game replica prop master Ryan Palser's latest creation is only one assload of bullets away from being a really bad idea. More »

This Guy Wants to Write a Minecraft Novel

Kyle Lambert knows how ridiculous it sounds when he says he wants to write a Minecraft novel. He knows it seems odd. He knows that people will wonder how such a novel could be about anything other than lots of block-stacking and digging.
But he wants to write one. More »

Diablo III Welcomes Players to Beta Hell This Summer

Fans around the world have been waiting for their chance to play Diablo III since the game was announced back in June of 2008. During today's Activision financial results conference call, Blizzard boss Michael Morhaime pinpointed a three-month window for the Diablo III beta. More »

I've got a couple of solid games sitting on my desk that I'm dying to play. Can't wait to punch the clock and switch writing for gaming for a bit. –Brian Crecente

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