There are 650 Pocket Monsters. That's a lot. So Game Freak, the studio behind Pokémon, should be running out of ideas for new Pocket Monsters any day now, right?

Wrong. Pokémon: Black and White art director Ken Sugimori told the Official Nintendo Magazine that there are still new Pokémon ideas.

"It's not only myself designing new Pok√©mon‚ÄĒwe have about 20 people in our team at Game Freak who design Pok√©mon, so if every one of them came up with 10 Pok√©mon ideas, it's going to be 200," said Sugimori. "And that will make a lot of Pok√©mon designs."

New Game Freak developers also bring in new Pokémon ideas. If that doesn't work, there's always this guide how to make fake Pokémon.


News: We still have plenty of ideas for new PokÔŅĹmon [Official Nintendo Magazine]

(Top photo: purplekecleon | deviantART)