OMG Puppies | Nintendo threw a posh Mother's Day event featuring Nintendogs + Cats in Beverly Hills, Calif. this weekend. (Photo: Chris Weeks | Getty Images)

Which One Is Worse?

At this point, after 17 days with no end in sight, it's fair to ask the question. the PlayStation Network Outage, or the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death: Which is worse? More »


Stephen Colbert Joins Noble Team (Well, Not Really)

After Stephen Colbert joked this week that Master Chief must have been one of the members of SEAL Team Six, which took out Osama bin Laden, Bungie dusted off that image, which it had whipped up a while back in an attempt to get a mention on the show. More »


Valve Turns to ‘Singleplayer-Plus,' not ‘No More Singleplayer,' Says Chief

Practically anything said institutionally by Valve, or especially by its co-founder, Gabe Newell, is parsed for any potential meaning to the unannounced, eternally awaited Half-Life 2: Episode 3. So when Newell said Portal 2 was "probably" the last one with any isolated single-player experience, Half-Life fans got really jumpy, given how story-driven that game is. Newell sat down for an interview with a high school student who asked him to clarify those remarks. More »


When Will the One-Year Career Come to an End?

It really doesn't matter how many times My Player is an NBA All-Star, nor how durable he is on the Road to the Show, or to Glory, or to the Masters. Every one of them will suffer a career-ending injury: The release of next year's game. More »


Watch Gamers Kill Osama in Recreation of SEALS Assault on Compound

Gamers can play through the final, fatal moments of Osama Bin Laden's last stand in Abbottabad, Pakistan in the latest, last episode of video war game Kuma War II. In The Death of Osama bin Laden, players are randomly selected to take on the roles of either U.S. Navy SEALS or the men defending Bin Laden in a careful recreation of the compound in which Bin Laden was killed. More »


Sony Ponders Reward Offer as It Insists PSN's Security was Up-to-Date

Sony is weighing whether to offer a reward for information on the hackers behind the massive PlayStation Network outage, now in its 18th day, CNET reports. Its potential amount was not mentioned. More »

Best Mother's Day I ever had was 1983. We took Mom out for a day-long picnic at Tanglewood in Winston-Salem, then came home and watched The Making of Return of the Jedi on PBS. Yes, there was once a time when that sort of thing was broadcast first on PBS. –Owen Good


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