Noire | Advertisement for L.A. Noire spotted over a downtown Manhattan subway entrance. (Photo: Brian Crecente)

Mass Effect 3 Thrusts Its Way into Early 2012

Remember the first trailer for Mass Effect 3? The one that teased us with a "Holiday 2011" release date? Consider it invalidated, as the game's executive producer scootches its release into early 2012. More »

Nintendo President: Wii Price Drop Was Perfect Timing

Nintendo announced today that it is cutting the price of its popular Wii home game machine from $200 to $150.
The $50 price drop, which goes into effect May 15, comes as Wii sales are slipping and as the company is gearing up to reveal a brand new game machine, which it will show to the public for... More »

The Single Edit That Removed Tokyo From Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Despite being set in a fictional town along the U.S. west coast, Motorstorm: Apocalypse has been inexorably tied to Japan and the earthquakes there.
That's perhaps because of the delays triggered by the quakes in Japan and the game's seismic-themed racing. More »

This Devilish Marriage of Pac-Man and Bejeweled is a Must Play

As match three games go, Pac-Chomp is a doozie, especially for those among us who happen to love the aesthetics and memories of Pac-Man and his glowing ghost pals.
In 99-cent iPhone game Pac-Chomp, players tap on the neon ghosts lined up in an eight-by-eight grid to get slide them into matching... More »

Don't Blame Sony, You Can't Trust ANY Networks

The hack attack that forced Sony to take the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment offline and resulted in the theft of personal information from tens of millions of people around the world wasn't really Sony's fault, it was an inevitability, a security expert tells Kotaku.
Bruce... More »

There's One Furry Good Reason to Buy Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover

You're all grown up now; I get that. You've aged beyond the need for some silly Sesame Street themed game for the Nintendo Wii. I understand and accept your reluctance. More »

Sony Explains Playstation Hack to Congress, Calls Anonymous "Cyberterrorists"

The cyber attack that knocked the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment offline for more than a week was a "very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack designed to steal personal and credit card information," according to a letter from Sony to... More »

Back When All of the Games Were Multiplayer and Came with Boards

Put down the controller and dig through the closet for the dusty remains of childhood memories courtesy of commenter Vlyke615, reminiscing about his favorite board games in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.
I have a lot of fond memories as a kid growing up, and some of those moments were playing... More »

The Darkness 2 Will Get the Blood Flowing on October 4th

The Darkness 2, sequel to the cult-hit, will be available in the US and Canada on October 4th, with a global release coming on October 7th. I never played the original Darkness but I saw this game back at PAX East and was impressed by the game's surprisingly intuitive Quad-Wielding system, which... More »

Ran across that L.A. Noire ad over near the Rockstar Manhattan offices while dashing down a street in the rain. Made me think how cool a Noire New York game could be. –Brian Crecente

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