COLOR TIMER | OSAKA, JAPAN: Ultraman is packing heat—plastic heat. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft)

These Are The People Hired To Hunt The PlayStation Network Hackers To catch those responsible for the attacks on the PlayStation Network, which has brought the service down for over a week and exposed the private details of millions, Sony has hired not one but two teams of private investigators. And a third team of consultants, just for good measure.

Linux (Unofficially) Returns To The PlayStation 3 In many ways, it was Sony's 2010 decision to remove Linux compatibility from the PlayStation 3 that sowed the seeds for the current PSN downtime and data attacks. So there's poignancy to the news that this week Linux has returned to the system.

The Wii Is Now $150 Confirming earlier rumours, Nintendo has tonight announced that the Wii has had its price slashed from $200 to $150. It has also confirmed the establishment of the Wii's first line of budget software.

Racing to Win over Your Nerd Hearts Martini. Marlboro. Cigarettes and liquor have traditionally been big motorsports sponsors. But a new breed of sponsors exists, such as Sony's PlayStation, and even more otaku geared companies are using racing as a vehicle to promote their wares.

Is the PSN Breach Worth Suing Sony for a Billion Bucks? While Canada's privacy watchdog looks into the PSN breach, a twenty-one year-old Ontario woman moves forward with a class-action lawsuit against Sony.

Tomorrow is Children's Day in Japan. Think Sony will get the PSN back online by them? You know, for the children. –Brian Ashcraft

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