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Sony Shows That Saying "I'm Sorry" Isn't Enough in Japan This Sunday, as the Golden Week holidays began in Japan, Sony execs Kazuo Hirai, Shinji Hasejima and Shiro Kambe answered reporters' questions about the PSN breach that put the private details of over 70 million gamers at risk. The execs didn't just apologize for the breach, but bowed for seven seconds.

Master Chief is Back from Deep Space, and He Looks Great In this week's round-up of the best in costume play, we've got the star of the Halo series on the loose, a Queen (not a Princess!) from The Legend of Zelda and everyone's favourite transgender fighting game character.

Star Wars & Sworcery Is Something That Would Be Welcome Around Here Artist Slaterman23 has taken an everlasting love (Star Wars) and a love that's very much of this moment (Sword & Sworcery) and combined the two. Thanks, Slaterman23!

Yes, Nolan North Is in Too Many Damn Video Games Nolan North seems like a super nice guy! And does a cracking job as the voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series. Problem is, he also does the voice for around a million other characters, and it can sometimes get very distracting.

These Custom Portal 2 Figures Came Straight from Testing Custom toy creator Christian Hooton, whose work we've featured previously, has sent us some pictures of these Portal 2 figures he's made. Warning: they are amazing.

So I went and made pottery in Shiga on Friday. I'd never made pottery before. It was actually very relaxing and a ton of fun. I had no idea. –Brian Ashcraft

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