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FBI Cybercrimes Joins 22 States In Sweeping PlayStation Network Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigations today confirmed to Kotaku that it is looking into the security breach that brought the Playstation Network down and exposed millions of users' personal data to cybercriminals.
The FBI is joined by nearly two dozen state attorneys general and possibly the Federal... More »

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Sony Hasn't Always Hated Homebrew Development

Sony's recent run of legal and now technical issues with hackers can be traced back to a single decision: that of removing the ability to run the Linux operating system on the PlayStation 3. More »

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Rumor: There Are 2.2 Million PSN Member's Credit Card Details up for Sale

According to Kevin Stevens, an online security expert with TrendMicro, "low-level cybercriminals" are currently shopping around lists supposedly containing the credit card details of 2.2 million PlayStation Network members. More »

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This Is What A Minecraft Tsunami Looks Like

In the standard game, Minecraft's water behaves like everything else in the game: like a block. DJoslin's "FiniteLiquid" mod, however, turns it into actual water, which can have devastating results. More »

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Don't Worry, Your PS3 Trophies and Friends Lists Are Fine

The thing most people have been worried about following the PSN attacks, and rightly so, are things like email addresses and credit card details. On a more trivial note, though, people have also been worried about their trophy data and friends lists. More »

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The New Mortal Kombat Does More Than Just Gore In Its Killer Celebration Of The Franchise

The ninth major Mortal Kombat does more than just offer a clean slate for the nearly 20-year-old series, famous for its over-the-top blood and gore. NetherRealm Studios' reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise sets a new bar for what a fighting game should offer its fans. More »

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If Only This Star Fox Limited Edition 3DS Were Real

There's a fancy, custom PSP for just about every game ever released on the system. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't follow suit. Especially when you see this fan mock-up of a tribute to the classic shooter. More »

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