NEON GENESIS SUPERMARKET | OSAKA, JAPAN: The toy aisle is looking more fetching than usual. (Photo by Brian Ashcraft)

Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor. It's On Sale In 2012. Today in Japan, Nintendo confirmed the upcoming release of the Wii's successor. The still-unnamed console will be revealed at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles in June.

Bringing Mass Effect To Life Before Your Very Eyes Most of these "Fancy Pants" galleries we run are full of great photos of people in great costumes, but a few of this week's pictures go the extra mile.

Is Nintendo's New Machine The Death Of The "Console Generation"? So, Nintendo has finally confirmed that a new console will be out in 2012, six years after the release of the Wii. With Microsoft and Sony not due to release consoles until 2014 at the earliest, is this the death of the "console generation"?

How Final Fantasy XIII 's Heroine Became Homeless In role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII, the protagonist Lightning didn't have a house. She had one. That is, until Square Enix cut it.

Yes, People Still Buy This Game Boy Advance Game Japanese website has a list of the top thousand selling games during 2010, based on Media Create data. On the the list, there was one game that stands out. It's an oddity of sorts.

Nintendo confirms its new console, but doesn't provide a name, images or anything... You excited? –Brian Ashcraft

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