Your Xbox Live avatars can engage in mortal combat with the Kinect powered PowerUP Heroes, scheduled to brawl on the Xbox 360 this June. Along with the announcement, in Ubisoft's trademark oddball style, comes a deliciously goofy live action trailer for the game.

Ubisoft calls PowerUP Heroes "the ultimate super power-infused full-body fighting game for Kinect," pointing out that the game uses a system in which players fight in and acquire super-powered suits, in offline and online battles. It highlights a handful of those super-suits, like "the Necromancer suit which allows you to control a horde of skeletons, or the Mentalist suit to break into your enemy's mind."


Can Ubisoft pull of a motion-controlled fighting game any better than it already has with Fighters Uncaged for Kinect? God, let's hope so.