ENOUGH ALREADY | JAPAN: An earthquake with a magnitude of 7 according to some reports rocked northeastern Japan earlier today. (Photo by TBS News)

The Dick Flashing Comedian With A Heart Of Gold Decked out in black stretch pants, sneakers and not much else, Egashira 2:50 is one of Japan's most loathed comedians. "Creepy" and "annoying" are the words that usually describe him, but last month, the word that summed up Egashira the best is "heroic".

The Video Game Console That Never Was Some game machines are killed long before they enter production. Others at least make it to market before dying, whether of old age or lack of demand. And then there's the Konix Multisystem.

Could You "Finish" World Of Warcraft Without Killing Anything? Here's an exercise in patience: a World of Warcraft player has managed to reach the maximum level 85 without killing a single thing. For a game built around the idea of, well, killing things, that's quite the achievement!

Stellar Escape Almost Gets Away With It Anyone who's played Canabalt has thought about screwing with its controls setup. How about a double-jump? Maybe a speed burst? Maybe these things would be good, but in the end, I like knowing that it has one, press-anywhere command, and when I tell the thing to jump, it by God jumps.

Why We Can't Be Pokémon Bad Guys In Pocket Monsters, "Team Rocket" is fairly harmless organized crime unit that steals, sells and captures rare and powerful Pokémon. The Team Rocket characters are typically comical, but surely, the concept of dealing in stolen Pocket Monsters is prime grist for a game.

More quakes in Japan. I live in Western Japan (near the mountains), so that might be why I didn't feel it here, even though it was reported as hitting Osaka, too. Really wish the folks in northeastern Japan could catch a break. It's horrible, I hate it, and it all seems very unfair. –Brian Ashcraft

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