EAT IT ALL | OSAKA, JAPAN: It's not just Pokémon Curry, it's pork and corn Pokémon curry. (Photo by Brian Ashcraft)

Rent Your Own Personal Cosplayer Cosplay was once a sideshow. But these days, it is quickly becoming the main draw for Japanese gaming and manga events, sometimes garnering more coverage than the actual games and comics. As its popularity increases, not only does the number of cosplayers multiply, so does the number of people taking pictures.

Charge Base Gives 3DS The Extra Juice It Needs Let's face it. The onboard battery for the 3DS stinks. It gets around 3 to 5 hours on a single charge, depending on the settings. Those numbers aren't anywhere near the DSi XL or DS Lite. Too bad there isn't a solution. Well, turns out, there is.

The New Twisted Metal Is Out In OctoberHere's a long, gameplay-riddled trailer for the upcoming Twisted Metal game for the PS3, which will be out on October 4.

The Splinter Cell HD Re-Releases Are Missing Something… Three old Splinter Cell games are being re-released on the PlayStation 3. If you thought they'd be upgrades of the PS2 versions, you're wrong. And if you thought they'd include online multiplayer, you're also, sadly, wrong.

Our First Look At The Alien World Of Prey 2 Here it is, your first colorful look at the bustling alien world of Prey 2—that is, if you haven't already seen previews of the game in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine or any of the other print mags with a peek at Human Head and Bethesda's very different sequel.

Ah, it's Friday. Time to do...Friday stuff. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to watch Mini-Bash and Micro-Bash. So that means only one thing: we're going to look at cars. –Brian Ashcraft

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