FIERCE FACE | OSAKA, JAPAN: It's not May yet, but gogatsu ningyo ("May doll") typically adorn houses starting in late March. (Photo by Brian Ashcraft)

Why Gaming's Most Tragic Conspiracy Is Bullshit It was apparently a contracted hit. Gunpei Yokoi, father of the Game Boy who failed with the Virtual Boy, left Nintendo and was working with a rival on a new portable game device. Yokoi had too many Nintendo secrets. He had to be out of the picture, say the conspiracy theories. He had to be silenced.

From Yakuza 4 To Hardcore Pornography Sega's Yakuza crime games feature a bevy of young attractive women as the in-game hostesses. Some of them are hostesses in real life. Some are college students. Some of them work in restaurants. One was even a porn star. No, now make that two.

The Incredible Video Game Art Of Toshiaki Mori Toshiaki Mori is a man you may not know by name, but you'll definitely know him by his work. As an artist working in the video game industry for over twenty years now, he's produced some of gaming's most striking and iconic pieces of promotional and cover art.

You Need To Catch Frog Minutes Spring is in the air. You can feel it. The birds are singing, and the bees are a-buzzing. It's a perfect time to go outside. But, I'll let you what, you go outside. I'm going to flop on the sofa and play Frog Minutes.

Sony Admits The PlayStation Network May Have Been Attacked Earlier this week, activist group Anonymous threatened to go after Sony's online presence in retaliation for the company's legal actions against PS3 hackers. The next day, the PlayStation Network went down. Coincidence?

Wanted to direct everyone's attention to #Quakebook, which features contributions from a whole host of writers about the Tohoku Earthquake. The actual title is "2:46 Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake", and features contributions from those who were there and big name writers like Jake Adelstein of Tokyo Vice fame and William Gibson of William Gibson fame. More info here. But if anyone is interested in reading about people's experience, do pick it up. All proceeds go directly to the Japanese Red Cross. –Brian Ashcraft

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