A Collection Of Balls | Mario hides among a collection of more menacing Madballs. (Photo by Michael McWhertor)

Bedtime Stories

So I Took My 3DS To The Eye Doctor…

A couple of days before the Nintendo 3DS officially went on sale in the United States, I brought the machine to a pair of eye experts, so they could look at the thing and I could look at them. More »

U.S. Border Patrol Spends $1 Million Making a Videogame Simulating Their Job

Researchers at a government-funded laboratory have built a giant touchscreen video game that simulates the capture of illegal aliens. More »

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Is A Wonderfully Bloody Mess

What's black and white and red all over and it'll stretch a bloody smile across the face of any hack-and-slash gamer's face? It's Ska Studios The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, and if you're fast enough you might find your own copy lurking in this article. More »

Kameo 2 Artwork Hints At The Pretty Sequel That Might Have Been

In 2005 developer Rare graced the newly-launched Xbox 360 with Kameo: Elements of Power, a cartoon-styled action-adventure game starring a fairy with the power to transform herself into various magical creatures. Slow sales killed its rumored sequel, but the art lives on. More »

The Awkward And Misogynist Lowlights From Indie Developer Reality Show ‘The Next Game Boss'

The Awkward And Misogynist Lowlights From Indie Developer Reality Show 'The Next Game Boss' Earlier this year, game web site IGN opened its doors to a batch of small, independent developers, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime: to appear on a reality show and potentially embarrass themselves on camera with quickly conceptualized and cringe-worthy game concepts. More »

The Nintendo Game Drought Means One Thing: Get Ready for Wii 2

The Nintendo Game Drought Means One Thing: Get Ready for Wii 2You're feeling it, we're feeling it: there appears to be a veritable drought of 1st-party Nintendo titles this spring. None, to be exact. More »

The Triumphant Return Of The Commodore 64

As a child I spent many hours hunched over the loudly clicking keyboard of the Commodore 64, typing out programs in BASIC and saving them to cassette drive. Commodore brings that wonderfully noisy keyboard back, only this time there's a hard drive as large as one terabyte hidden inside. More »

Crecente's moving. Totilo's Captivated. We're holding down the fort. Somehow I think my new generation Madballs and the Super Mario Ball will survive, should I ever decide to procreate like the rest of the Kotaku staff. My only current concern is my dog getting its fangs into them. –Michael McWhertor

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