There are many wonderful things that a Hollywood filmmaker could borrow from Grand Theft Auto, including better police chases and user-controlled soundtracks, but the director of this weekend's Jake Gyllenhaal movie Source Code is snatching something else.

Here's filmmaker Duncan Jones talking to the Columbus Dispatch:

There's this infamous video game, Grand Theft Auto, where, if you're driving a car at high speed and jump out of the car and go rolling down the street, the camera stays with you. [Note from Kotaku: presumably similar to what happens in the GTA IV clip above.] It doesn't cut. I wanted to do that but actually do it with my actor.

So he leaps off the train, hits the ground and tumbles into a bloody heap at the end of it — with no cuts. It's a combination of live-action stunt work and special effects.

I hadn't seen that before, and I wanted to be the first.

We haven't seen Source Code, so we can't confirm the movie's GTA-ness. If you see the movie this weekend, let us know. And let us know if Jake re-spawns at a hospital, without his guns, a half-day later.

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