It's time for a video Speak-Up on Kotaku! Commenter FuzzleMail takes issue with this AlienWare commercial for depicting gamers as bloodthirsty domination maniacs.

I hate this Alienware commercial. It's the one with the guy going all Reb Brown with the machine guns in some made up game world, then it reveals hes just way too into his laptop gaming at a coffee shop. So the tagline says "Dominate from anywhere" and for some reason it just annoys me because It makes me think...Just because I play video games does not mean I have a domination complex. I don't want to "OWN" everyone and kick in the door with duel wield bazookas and a flamethrower. I don't want to "dominate" I just want to have fun. This commercial is just another in a long line that makes people who play games look like buffoons.


Yeah if the commercial doesn't annoy you you could say I'm looking way into a simple commercial that isn't trying to make a statement and its not making a statement, it just unfortunately happens to portray such bland aspects of gaming cliches that it aggravates me.

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