SNAPSHOT | OSAKA, JAPAN: These "Potetong" are actually recommended for use while gaming as well as computing. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft)

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Xbox 360's "New Disc Format" Is A 1GB Storage Boost So, Microsoft is testing a "new disc format". The more fanciful of you are thinking that means "Blu-Ray". The more sensible and well-connected are thinking it's something a little more realistic.

Final Fantasy Gets Its Own Holy Shit Moment While AR Games might be the 3DS's holy shit moment, there are plenty of holy shit moments to go around. Final Fantasy has its own on the iPhone.

Retailer Buys 3DS Units From Competitor, Then Marks Up The Price Console launches are normally times for absurdity, but this report coming in from the UK - of GAME staff popping down to their local supermarket to buy 3DS units - is something else.

Give Blood Like You're In An 80s Sci-Fi Comic In the days following the Tohoku Earthquake, Japanese people across the country began doing what they could for the relief efforts by rolling up their sleeves and giving blood. Just days after the quake hit, the Japanese Red Cross blood donation centers were running at a surplus.

An English Voice For Korea's StarCraft Madness Korea is bonkers for StarCraft. So bonkers that we often quarantine the country's love for the game as something to be avoided and/or ridiculed. Yet little by little, the Korean StarCraft scene is getting its dues overseas.

Ah, Wednesday. The middle of the week. THE HUMP. I'm over the hump as my Wednesday is done here in Japan. Enjoy yours! –Brian Ashcraft

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