The first Crysis was, and remains, something of a benchmark for PC hardware nerds. Because the second Crysis was also made for consoles, though, some of those aforementioned nerds are angry. And justifiably so!

I mean, look at these numbers, put together by PC specialists Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They clearly show that, because this game is also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, something's very wrong on the hardware side of things when it comes to the PC version! For example, Crysis 2 only has "32.1m pixels in the 12J", which reduces "the BSR to a measly 43, with almost negligible ambience".


Even more concerning to PC gaming purists is Crysis 2's Verticle Sync Module, which when compared to the PC-only Crysis "reveal a significant drop in upscaling, and a worrying trend demonstrating an increase in downscaling".

And all that's before you get to cardboard box comparisons and Crysis 2's carbon production and "significant reduction in flora".

For the full, often saddening rundown, see the highly scientific and 100% made-up article below.

Crysis 2′s Shocking Tech Compromise: Proof [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]