System freezes are starting to crop up on an unknown number of Nintendo's new 3DS portables. While we don't know how frequent the problem is, it's happening enough for Nintendo to include the issue on their official troubleshooting site.

According to, System freezes that result in a white screen, black screen or inability to power off could mean that your brand new 3DS needs to be returned to Nintendo for repair.


Contacted Monday morning for comment Nintendo of America has yet to respond, though Nintendo UK has told outlets there that anyone experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console should first try the latest system update. If the issue persists, customers are told to contact Nintendo's Customer Service Center.

While Tristan's 3DS, which he purchased on Sunday, hasn't had any issues, my system has frozen twice on a black screen. The second time it occurred I was playing Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and in the middle of the game the system just faded to black, slowly. Then it wouldn't respond, as you can see in the video above.

Nintendo 3DS Troubleshooting